Echando un ojo a Tesla’s cars: eléctricos

Aqui van unos grafiquitos para estar al día con el tema de los coches de Tesla y Musk. Este tipo… este tipo… despista un montón… ¡a qué si?!… CAE la acción, BAJAN los coches entregados, reduce deuda y caja, pero aumenta deuda neta!!.. Y ASI TODO se mantiene como el numero uno mundial!!! (salvando chinos, que no hay ni uno!? creo)

Captura de pantalla 2019-06-26 05.23.15.png

AT TESLA’S ANNUAL shareholders meeting on June 11th Elon Musk was as ebullient as ever. But its shares, which started the year above $300, have plunged close to $200 and its bonds recently traded at an all-time low of close to 80 cents on the dollar. Deliveries of the Model 3, the firmʼs mass-market electric vehicle (EV), fell by over a fifth in the first quarter compared with the previous quarter, casting doubt on the firmʼs annual sales target. Tesla raised $2.7bn in convertible debt and stock in May, but questions remain about how much cash it can generate—it burned through over $900m in the first quarter. Tesla may have outsold competitors last year, but faltering demand and a phase-out of EV subsidies in America are tough new challenges it has to face



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